Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

No Ice, No Ice, Baby

It’s one of the most devastating issues facing us this summer: watered-down booze.

Nobody enjoys diluted drinks, especially if said liquid luxury is a glass of fine scotch, premium vodka or just about anything you like served “neat.” Heck, even wine coolers deserve to be kept at the proper temperature.

Well now there’s a system in place that will keep our beverages at exactly the right temperature. From designers Arra David and Anne Johnson, the Drink Chillers from Uncommon Goods combine two objects that work together to create optimum temperature regulation.

Simply keep the natural stones in the freezer and when you’re ready to enjoy a little pre-work whiskey, drop one in the bottom of your glass. Then keep your tumbler in place with coasters made from thick, recycled rubber.

Not only do they protect furniture by preventing condensation from ruining wood, they also help keep the drink ideally chilled.

Just careful not to drink too much. Swallowing those stones is the second most embarrassing reason we’ve ever shown up to an emergency room.

$42, set of 2 coasters & 2 stones