Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Nectar Of The Goddesses

69. Not only is it our lucky number in the bedroom, it’s also now our favorite number behind the bar.

That’s because Nectar Girl, a new skinny Margarita mix only has 69 calories per 3.5-ounce serving (the typical rocks Margarita size). And that magic number is achieved without the use of any disgusting artificial sweeteners that tarnish so many low-calorie beverages.

This one’s all natural, too. (Just like our wrinkle-free foreheads and evenly distributed tan.)

Made from organic agave nectar and tart key limes, Nectar Girl tastes as fresh as a made-to-order Top Shelf Margarita from a well-trained mixologist utilizing the best ingredients.

So we put the mix to the test in our big gay pool, where consuming fewer calories means less sucking in. And that’s always a good thing.

From first sip to last, Nectar Girl was a huge hit. For those used to Vodka-Club Sodas it was a tad sweet, so we mixed it with a little seltzer for balanced perfection. For others, it was absolutely perfect as is.

Plus, we can now all brag that we’ve finally tasted a girl’s nectar.

And we liked it.

$11.99 per 1-liter; $89.95 per case of 12
Available online
and in select bars and retailers in the Dallas area