Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Naked Book Club

When we hit the beach every summer, we like to keep our hands busy. In one, a cocktail (preferably adorned with an umbrella). In the other, a great book.

Because of the very nature of oceanfront book perusal (and all the half-naked distractions that come along with it), we don’t want to read anything too complexly plotted with scads of characters, especially those mythical in nature with tendencies for slaying dragons. Or engaging in straight-woman S&M, (ick).

So typically we turn toward memoirs. They often have short chapters that are easy to digest between SPF applications.

Sifting through the pile of books we receive at the Gay List Daily world headquarters, we were drawn immediately to Inside the Vortex with its stunningly handsome author on the cover. After readig his bio and realizing that he’s the writer behind of one of our favorite blogs, Naked in New York City, we knew we had to throw it into our carry-on.

The blogger is Justin Hernandez, a native New Yorker who chronicles his daily life and dating shenanigans in La Manzana Grande on the worldwide interwebs. It’s often hilarious, always insightful, and a breezy read.

His book utilizes the same tightly constructed writing style with great effect. The central theme (which we would know nothing about) is a life of abuse, denial, cover-ups and secrecy. It’s deeply personal and brutally honest.

Plus, he teaches the secrets of drinking on the job without getting caught. (That’s far more helpful advice than anything Martha Stewart’s told us lately.)

So grab Inside the Vortex and go along with a journey that you’ll likely relate to, perhaps questioning life’s most troubling moments as you turn the pages.

Like where’s the cabana boy with our next Malibu & Pineapple?

$13.95 on amazon.com
$8.99 on Kindle