Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Diamonds Are A Primadonna's Best Friend

If we can’t have head-banging, bat-eating, ear-splitting heavy metal pumping at full volume out of our hot-pink iPod, then we suppose we’ll settle for pop music.

It puts us in touch with our feminine side. And front. (And rear.)

Waaaay back in 2010, we first discovered Marina and the Diamonds with their upbeat The Family Jewels CD. The album instantly made it into our permanent music rotation.

Now, Marina’s back with her sparkly friends and a new 12-track near-masterpiece of pop, Electra Heart. It’s got all the British eccentricities we worship and a whole new level of confidence in the lyrics and overall production.

Of course, we love the first single, “Primadonna.” It makes us want to put on our best dress, dance around the house, then text cute guys.

And ignite pentagrams made from goat’s blood and gasoline. Gotta stick true to our hard-rockin’ roots.

$9.99 on iTunes
$12.99 Deluxe edition on iTunes
$8.99 on amazon.com

Catch Marina and the Diamonds performing “Primadonna” on Jimmy Kimmel Live here