Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Fun Kind Of Art

Do you think 15th century moms found paintings of male nudes in gilded frames hidden under their gay sons’ mattresses? Just something we’ve always wondered about in the sad, sad times before Playgirl. Or Sean Cody.

Fact is, art featuring naked men has always been (thankfully) rather homoerotic. How else would we have survived all those field trips to the art museum as teenagers?

Now, there’s a brand-new book that celebrates the male nude called Gorgeous Gallery by David Leddick.

Billed as the first art book to combine popular sexual art with fine art, it’s all about pushing boundaries of what people consider tasteful and what they consider flat-out pornography. Talk about a conversation-starting coffee-table book.

The gorgeously composed 160-page book features stunning works of 20th century art, as well as contemporary pieces and boundary-pushing imagery from today’s most avante-garde gay artists.

It’s all very stimulating for the brain. And other places, too.

$52.99 Hardcover on amazon.com