Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sending Silk Through The Mail

To get someone’s attention when he opened his mailbox, we often turned to cute little pipe bombs. Live snakes. Or just a touch of Anthrax and heart-shaped glitter in an envelope.

But because those methods all led to a six-month maximum security “vacation” (and one super-cute guy who still won’t return our phone calls), we’ve been forced to find new ways to stand out from the crowd.

That’s why Plano-based HBDesigns is busy creating stationery and invitations out of cotton, silk, or just about any type of fabric you can imagine. To save us from prison.

Dubbed Fabrinery (fabric + stationery) and Fabritations (you’ve probably figured out the formula), there are literally hundreds of options. You can even create wine tags that will completely distract from the fact that you’re handing over a $3 bottle of Three Wishes Chardonnay from Whole Foods as a hostess gift.

Best of all, the minimums are lower than you’d expect. An order of six cotton note cards, including envelopes with a return address, will only set you back $19.99.

Plus, they can even turn your own original artwork (or cocktail napkin doodle) into fabric that can then be turned into a mail-able masterpiece.

Sure, one without a fuse or countdown timer, but a showstopper nonetheless.

(972) 379-9423