Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We All Scream For Ginseng

And we just thought we’d sampled some great skincare products. Then 3LAB sends us a trio of products that blew our mind – without causing a single extra wrinkle.

Their product experts have developed three new products: The Cream, The Eye Cream and The Serum, each formulated with the best quality ginseng root. Add to that a Yin Yang extract of Solomon’s seal, Chinese peony, lotus, lily and foxglove, which all aid in healing the skin. They even throw in a rare plant that hydrates the skin by 6,000%.

The products are not cheap, but we know they work wonders. Especially that eye cream. The bags under our eyes often resemble something more appropriate to fit into an overhead airplane bin, they’re so big.

Now, they’re practically gone.

Hopefully by October when we finish all three products (no doubt scraping the jars of every last drop), we’ll finally look 23 again.

Because damn if 23 doesn’t look good.

$100 to $140
Free shipping on orders over $15

Free gift with purchase of $95 or more through July 31, 2012. Code: 3LABJULY2012.