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Balls To The Wahl

Shaving is the bane of our existence. It takes so much time and falls just below teeth flossing on our very detailed pie chart of un-fun activities.

And when it comes to grooming our entire body, we’ve got to block out a good chunk of our day to accomplish the task.

Now, we’ve discovered a new line of men’s grooming products from Wahl that can handle our hairy bits from head to big toe (why is there hair there anyway?) and every nether region in between.

The Wahl Lithium Ion series is remarkable for many reasons, but most notably for the incredible battery life between charges.  There’s a four-in-one model (above) that features attachments to convert one device into a full-size shaver, trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, and clippers. Plus, you can use it a whopping 45 times on a single charge.

Even better, if the battery isn’t juiced up, you can do a three-minute quick charge and get to clippin’ or shavin’ quickly.

The Lithium Ion product line also includes a stainless steel face and body trimmer, as well as full-size clippers. Each features rapid charging and super-long battery life, too.

At last, shaving isn’t quite the chore it used to be. Especially if you can find a special friend to help.

Just like flossing.

4-in-1 as shown: $71.28 at amazon.com