Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gal Pal: Hilari Younger

When the all-star season of HGTV’s Design Star kicks off tonight, there’s one particular returning contestant we’ll be keeping our eyes on. Her name is Hilari Younger and she’s one of the many great women who’s a truly devoted friend of the gays. We caught up with her back in her hometown of Dallas to grill her on the new season, reality stardom and her thoughts on purveyors of bigoted, right-wing chicken sandwiches.

Gay List Daily: Sassy gay men, sassy black women. Compare and contrast!
Hilary Younger: Not much of a contrast! <laughs>

GLD: After seeing your original season on TV, are you happy with how you’re portrayed?
HY: They watered me down a bit, but overall it was an accurate portrayal of my personality. I am good clean fun with a dash of wit!

GLD: Any advice for anyone thinking of appearing on a reality TV show?
HY: Have absolutely no expectations! Everything is not what it seems. So much viable detail remains on the cutting room floor of the editing bay.

GLD: Any secret weapons for beating the gays this all-star season?
HY: The gays were amazing this season! I just don’t think the network was ready for all of the flavor that the gays or I brought to the table. Besides David Bromstad is not looking to share his rainbow yet.

GLD: What surprises are in store for Design Star All Stars viewers this season?
HY: I actually get to see the show real time with the viewers so I really don’t have a clue! We all have to tune in and see!

GLD: How did you first know you liked hanging out with the gays?
I love gays, and lesbians too, for that matter! I have a larger-than-life personality and it takes someone audacious enough to embrace all that I am. I have had a gay husband since high school, they buy the best gifts, they don’t leave the toilet seat up and they don’t expect sex! I lived with my gay male roommate and best friend for almost 5 years in DC. We are both married now, well he has a partner and lives in New Orleans, and we always vow that if things don’t work out for us we will move in together again and live happily ever after!

GLD: How can somebody easily transform a space without a big budget, or does it make you cringe that people even try to design without a professional?
HY: I think design is extremely accessible now. I don’t think everyone needs a professional but I do think people should not enter the process of design half-cocked and underprepared. Design is about finding things that inspire you and incorporating them into your life. This lies in something as simple as enlarging and framing your favorite photo, bringing in a throw or pillows in your favorite print or color, or painting the walls to soothe or stimulate. It’s not all that the common snob designer makes it out to be, and most of the time traditional textbook designers are Xeroxing someone else’s style anyway.

GLD: What reality TV show do you wish would just die already?
HY: I am over American Idol! I wish they would just go out on top and stop trying to revamp!

GLD: What can you tell people to expect about the premiere episode of the new season?
HY: The All Stars series ran in succession with DS7 and I was completely burned out and dry heaving design. It should be interesting to watch!

GLD: Chick-fil-A.
HY: Being a black woman makes me extremely sensitive and aware of discrimination and injustice! People are willing to proclaim their disdain for you, marginalize and deny you rights and then turn around and take your money. I’m over it!

GLD: Gay Marriage.
HY: I am 100% in favor of gay marriage!

GLD: Obama vs. Romney.
HY: Barack the vote! I am almost positive that Mormons don’t believe that black people matriculate to heaven. <laughs>

GLD: Anything else you want to tell the world?
HY: Don’t you dare forget about me!

GLD: No chance of that!

Catch Hilari Younger on the special “All Stars” season of HGTV’s Design Star.
Premieres tonight at 9:00 p.m./8:00 p.m. Central

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