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Houston, We Have Closure

Until Sparkle hits theaters August 17, we have the closest thing to a farewell gift from the late Whitney Houston. One solo and one duet on the soundtrack to the film.

While there’s no evidence yet whether the remake co-starring American Idol Jordin Sparks will be a superstar-driven dud à la Mariah Carey’s similar-sounding Glitter, the soundtrack is an enjoyable, if not great, listen. At least until a few DJs get a hold of the gospelly goodness and sex up the beats and tempo a bit.

CeeLo Green makes a brief, but welcome, appearance, too.

But for Houston fans, it’s “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” that will go down in history as her final solo recording. For that alone, it might be worth grabbing this album as a final tribute.

And don’t worry if we’re sounding uncharacteristically sentimental. We just know if Houston sucks in the movie, we’ll have to call her out, dearly departed or not. Here, we can make amends in advance.

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