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Deeper Shade of Scholl

We have respect for so many Doctors: Pepper, Oz and Ruth are right at the top of our list.

But one we’ve never really appreciated much is Dr. Scholl’s. Other than one great summer of gellin’, that is.

Well now, the fine purveyor of toe fungus sprays and cushiony shoe inserts is in the business of actual shoes. Stylish shoes. Like really cool strappy boots and fun casuals. We’re not fans of the sandals line, but sure there are some men out there who could rock them with a pair of socks.

Even their dressiest ones aren’t something we’d wear with a suit, but for travel destinations where there’s lots of walking, or for anyone who has to stand for long periods of time, they are among the most comfortable shoes we’ve strapped around our roast-beef-eating and market-going little piggies.

And sometimes, comfort trumps all. Just ask any woman wearing a track suit to the go shopping.

From $53.99