Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Secrets & JPEGs

Your phone has a camera in it. And that’s a very dangerous thing.

The ability to snap pictures, shoot video and pretty much document everything around you has revolutionized the way we see the world. (Except for those poor souls who still have one of those retro “flip phones.”)

For the rest of us, one swipe of our finger and we can be sneaking photos of unsuspecting guys in the locker room. Or incriminating naked shots of our drunken selves standing in front of our mirror, sucking in and trying to look sexy.

Not to mention all those suggestive pics that other people feel compelled to e-mail us at Gay List Daily, thinking we’ll somehow be more inclined to give away free stuff to someone with his pants down. (Note: It could work, so keep sending!)

Well now, you never have to worry about your mother, or (even worse) six-year-old nephew scrolling through the photos on your phone and being scarred for life.

Introducing the newly updated iPhone and iPad app, KYMS (Keep Your Media Safe). Hidden behind an innocent-looking calculator icon is a digital vault with two levels of password protection.

Once inside, you’ll find your most embarrassing, X-rated or otherwise top-secret photos and videos (the nuclear missile codes, for instance).

Uploading is easy. Pull from your camera’s album or enable wi-fi and grab them directly from your computer or the Internet.

And should somebody walk up to you while you’re browsing, simply cover the screen with your hand and the photo or video immediately disappears.

Instead of your dignity.