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Making A State-ment

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: There’s just not enough geography in interior design. Except maybe those really cool bars disguised as globes.

But that’s all about to change thanks to one gorgeous lesbian in Chicago who’s out to spice up living rooms, one state at a time.

Cheered on by her partner, Andrea, and pug, Willameena May, interior designer Julie Purpura had the ingenious idea of developing a furniture line based on the shapes of individual United States. Together with millworker/friend Jonathan Lancaster, 900 Blok was born.

Start by choosing the state that best fits your space (as long as it’s not hard-to-engineer Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, or Maryland). If you live in a dull square state like Colorado or Wyoming, we suggest adopting Texas or California for a more interesting look. Then pick one of 16 colors, like Lucille Ball red, Biscuits & Gravy brown, Papa Smurf blue, or Grey Gardens grey.

Within 3 weeks or so, you’ll have an end table made of hand-carved, solid wood in a sturdy lacquered finish with removable solid oak legs.

Now invite people over for a little pop quiz.

Is my Pabst Blue Ribbon sitting on Dallas or Houston?

Close your eyes and put your pizza slice where Lake Michigan should be.

Does that line of cocaine accurately portray the Mississippi River?

It’s fun for the entire family. And you can set a lamp on it, too.

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