Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Back To Your Roots

No gingers were harmed in the making of these products.

Or anything from The Ginger People.

At least we hope not, despite something called Naturally Pressed Organic Ginger Juice, which sounds like it would be awfully painful to one Ms. Lindsay Lohan. Or one Mr. Carrot Top.

No, The Ginger People have taken the spicy root and taken it to whole new levels of deliciousness. There’s ginger syrup (above), which will make even ordinary pancakes taste like a warm holiday hug. It’s even a great addition to certain cocktails for that unexpected twist.

They also make ginger beer, ginger snaps, ginger candy, sushi ginger, pickled ginger and ginger spread. Even ginger skincare products.

We think you get the point.

But if you love ginger like we love gingers, you’re going to love The Ginger People.

Freckles and all.