Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Point, Shoot, Cash In

We currently have 50,667 pictures in our iPhoto library.

Imagine turning that into $253,335.

Well, now it’s entirely possible. Especially due to the huge market for “blurry pictures of what I ate for dinner last night.”

As for all those other great pics that are just sitting on our computer doing nothing but hogging valuable hard drive space, we could be totally raking in the dough. And now you can, too.

It’s simple thanks to Foap. Simply download the iPhone app, upload your pics, and you’re on your way to a second career in photography.

That’s because many businesses and media outlets rely on stock images to help illustrate their presentations, brochures and news stories. And because most stock photography sites charge a buttload to license images, Foap.com is appealing to anyone on a budget.

They charge a flat $10 fee to download and use any photo on their site. And split the sale with you each time one of your images is purchased.

So dig through all those photos and see what’s most marketable. Remember, the more general the content, the better.

Unless, of course, American Express suddenly has a campaign requiring “Gay man posing with stripper in Puerto Vallarta.”

In that case, we’re sitting on a goldmine.