Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Winners & Boozers

Don’t touch that cake!

Bread Winners, one of Dallas’ all-time great gay destinations, is about to be well known for more than just its sinful desserts and stellar breakfasts.

That’s because they’ve developed a brand-new cocktail menu designed to help you beat the heat without having to be hosed down like a beached killer whale.

The new menu is broken down into three categories: Hangover Elixirs, Signatures and Skinnys.

The Hangover slot features the most traditional, with Mimosas, Bloody Marys (made with a terrific homemade mix), peach bellinis and our favorite, the Tito’s Texas Sunrise, which is basically a screwdriver with a splash of grenadine to cut the tang and acidity just a tad.

Or perhaps you’re looking to work toward a hangover. Then the Signatures will be a fun way to get there.

The Texas Bluebonnet Mojito features Texas rum, fresh mint and anti-oxidant-rich blueberries. A Basil Berry Cooler incorporates vodka, fresh basil and blackberries for a delightfully herbaceous surprise. Prickly pear lemonade is a nice twist on the summertime classic, too. But it’s Frozen Cherry Limeade that’ll make you completely forget Sonic even exists thanks to this not-too-sweet alcoholic version.

Of course, most of us are always worried about calories, so it’s great that their 125-calorie Skinny menu has a nice variety. Sure, they’ve got the ubiquitous Skinny Margarita, but also a wonderful Cosmopolitan and a tart Lemon Drop (pictured above). Drinking “healthy” never tasted so good!

So head in to one of the three Bread Winners locations (NorthPark coming soon!) and grab something sweet that doesn’t require a fork.

Or three hours on the treadmill.

Bread Winners Cafe
3301 McKinney Avenue, Dallas
5560 West Lovers Lane in Inwood Village, Dallas
4021 Preston Road, Plano