Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Top, Bottom, Side-By-Side

How cool would it be to completely make over your kitchen for around a hundred bucks? Or less?

Well, now you can, thanks to Kudu Magnets.

These gigantic refrigerator magnets can quickly transform any ugly fridge into a work of art. Select pre-designed styles like the sexy gay ones above, or even upload your own photos or illustrations for a completely custom option.

WARNING: We’re just telling all our friends with kids now, if we come over and your children have taken over your Sub-Zero like they have your Facebook profile, we might just lose our lunch.

Ditto pet photos.

But how fun to change your refrigerator design with the seasons? You could create your own for each major holiday, or make it Halloween every day with one of their scaaaaaaary designs.

Their site is riddled with typos and poor grammar, but the magnets are so fun that we’ll try to stifle our overly critical personality traits for the sake of art.

Also worth noting, if you have a stainless steel refrigerator, these magnets may not work. Try applying a regular size refrigerator magnet and if it falls off, you’ve got your answer. But if you’re looking for a permanent change, you could always use an adhesive to apply.

Just make sure you don’t permanently affix a sexy pic of your current boyfriend seductively eating strawberries. Because you know, like what’s inside the fridge, love can spoil very quickly, too.

$35 – $110