Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Monster Hit

If only every great Hollywood monster could sing. Think of the possibilities!

Mummy Dearest would win seven Tony Awards. SUCKS! The Dracula Musical would go from an off-Broadway sleeper to a huge Broadway smash. And Howl at the Moon: The Wolfman Rock Opera featuring the Music of Clay Aiken would break every record every held.

It could happen.

But until people wise up, we’ve got the next best thing in Dallas, Frankenstein – The Musical. Playing at Pocket Sandwich Theatre, one of our favorite small venues, it promises to be one of their infamous so-bad-they’re-great shows.

This spoof skewers everything we’ve grown to know and love about the world’s favorite reanimated killing machine, all set to toe-tapping music. Sitting close to all the action with a sandwich and cold beer only adds to one fantastic night out on the town.

Just make sure to leave your pitchforks and torches at home.

Frankenstein – The Musical
Premieres tomorrow
Through September 29, 2012
Tickets: $10 – $20
Pocket Sandwich Theatre
5400 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas
(214) 821-1860