Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Canada’s Got Talent. It’s a fact! (And also a popular TV show).

In the pile of CDs dumped on our desk this week, we randomly picked one that we’re so happy to have discovered.

It’s called The North, the latest from an evidently popular Canadian pop group called STARS. We’ve never heard of them, but we sincerely hope they find an audience south of the border (that’s what they call America, you know).

There’s something very 1980s about the whole affair, and maybe that’s why we fell in love the moment we slid the disc into the CD player of our super-sexy economy rental car.

A balance of ballads and upbeat pop anthems makes for a nicely diverse track listing with several readymade hits, our favorite song being the final entry, “Walls.”

But don’t take our word for it. Even though the album doesn’t drop until next Tuesday, the good folks over at NPR have made the entire album available for streaming before purchase.

One listen and we think you’ll agree that STARS, like diamonds, are forever.

STARS “The North”
Listen first here
$8.99 pre-order at amazon.com
$9.99 pre-order on iTunes