Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Drink Outside The Box

One of our favorite things about the gradual transition into autumn is the cooler nighttime temperatures, which are perfect for outdoor concerts and other picnicky good times.

Unfortunately, many BYOB venues outlaw glass. And we’ve outlawed high priced wines. So often the solution is a giant box of Franzia’s finest.

Yet we’re still a little embarrassed to whip out our cardboard chardonnay in front of all those judgmental people spread out on their Louis Vuitton blankets.

But now we have a solution that makes boxed wine practically hip. (Though you can always play the irony card if somebody snubs you.)

Introducing the Baggy Winecoat from a company called Menu.

Simply remove the bag of juicy bliss from the box, and place it in the bag. There’s room for an ice pack for wines served chilled, and the non-slip bottom keeps the bag in place on the lawn or on a table. The handle makes it comfortably portable, too.

So wherever your outdoor adventures take you and your friends, you’ll be sure to have plenty of wine to share.

Or just enough for you alone if any of your friends bring along their 2-year-olds or moody teenagers.