Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

So Many Wieners!

If ever there was a restaurant prime for our typical (subtle) use of innuendo, it’s Bowery, Uptown’s holy mecca of hot dogs.

So we’re going to take the road less traveled and completely avoid third-grade references to juicy meat, plump wieners and any instances of lockjaw from opening our mouths so wide.

It’s all part of our Labor Day resolution to be more classy. Klassy with a K, but still.

At Bowery, though, they have elevated hot dogs to a level of true gourmet status thanks to premium ingredients and a wildly imaginative menu.

Sure, you could order a top-notch, classic Chicago Dog, but be adventurous. Here, it pays off spectacularly.

The Mac is like the macaroni-and-cheese with hot dogs your mom used to make, only in a bun for extra portability. And room for bacon.

A version of a traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich features house-made pork sausage and pork belly, topped with fresh and pickled veggies.

Or travel south for the Mexican, a spicy meal loaded with salsa, jalapeños and pinto beans.

The Croque Madame was easily our favorite, thanks to generous portions of Paris ham, quality Swiss cheese, a fried egg and a creamy béchamel sauce. Reminds us of our summer abroad. When we worked in a hotdog factory.

There are veggie, lower calorie and bunless options. Even the Cobb Salad here has a nice little cut-up hot dog.

Crispy kale chips, waffle fries and onion rings are all huge enough to share, but try all three for a great sampler.

Then head home and leave your heart under your pillow for the Cardio Fairy. Hopefully she’ll leave you a new one instead of a dollar.

3407 McKinney Avenue, Dallas
(214) 965-9110