Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


With so many Hollywood movies about disastrous wedding days, do we really want legalized gay marriage?

OK, stupid question.

Of course we want equality and all the basic rights of every other American, but we’ll probably opt to skip the stress-filled ceremony and spend the savings on a killer honeymoon.

At least that’s what the bride in Bachelorette should’ve done.

In this new movie that capitalizes on the successful breakout of raunchy chick flicks a la Bridesmaids, a group of bitter frenemies gather to celebrate the pending nuptials of their plus-size friend (lovingly nicknamed “Pig Face”). The bridesmaids (led by Kirsten Dunst) are a bunch of mean girls who haven’t grown up one bit emotionally since high school and their jealousy that the “fat one” is beating them to the altar turns them into even more selfish monsters than before.

Bachelorette isn’t as funny (or as dirty) as Bridesmaids by a long shot, but if you can avoid watching the spoiler-heavy trailer, it’s still a pretty enjoyable ride. Two of our favorite hotties, James Marsden and Adam Scott, provide the fully clothed eye candy, while The New Normal’s cutie Andrew Rannells teases us in a brief, nearly nude striptease for the ladies.

Sadly, far more time is spent in a female strip club than that quick flash of male skin.

So much for girl power.

Opens tomorrow in theaters everywhere
Or rent for $9.99 from iTunes