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Boys 2 Men 2 AARP

Pop music is traditionally a genre of the young. And often that’s why we are blessed with so many one-hit wonders.

It takes true talent to remain relevant generation after generation and few have proven that better than Pet Shop Boys. The sensational ‘80s duo of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe (both in their mid-late 50s) have taken a signature sound and put out one consistently enjoyable record after another.

In fact, their current album feels right at home with their music from three decades ago. Rather than trying to reinvent themselves, they stick with what works.

And that’s actually refreshing.

We always know that we can pop in any Pet Shop Boys album and immediately flash back to a simpler time. Their latest, Elysium, out today, is a welcome blast from the past with its electronic synth beats and Tennant’s signature spoken-word style of singing.

Immediate standouts include the album’s first single, “Winner,” which should become the anthem for crowning reality competition victors somewhere. (X Factor, are you listening?)

Elsewhere on the album, “Ego Music” is instantly addictive. And the lyrics from “Your Early Stuff” perfectly describe fans of Pet Shop Boys.

You’ve been around but you don’t look too rough,
And I still quite like some of your early stuff.

But thankfully, we love the new stuff, too.

Pet Shop Boys Elysium
Out today
$9.99 on amazon.com
$9.99 download on iTunes