Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Whiskey A-Gay-Gay

Time for a drink that’ll put a little hair on your chest. (Sorry ladies, but it is a well-known side effect of bourbon.)

Our newest liquor discovery is one that’s sure to please whiskey lovers the world over.

It’s called W.H. Harrison and it’s unique for several reasons. First, it’s made in Indiana. Second, the company has gay ownership. And third, it’s a fantastic price for a bourbon whiskey of this quality.

Perhaps it’s the magic of all that Indiana corn.

W.H. Harrison Straight Bourbon Whiskey (the only straight thing we enjoy putting down our throats) is 80 proof, but still enjoyably smooth with just a hint of sweetness in its oaky complexity.

As with any high-end spirit, we prefer to enjoy Harrison on the rocks, but there are plenty of recipes that will make this your beverage of choice for those crisp fall nights in front of the fire.

Thankfully, you’ll have all that newfound chest hair to keep you warm, too.

$29.99 per 750 ml at binnys.com