Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Shut Up & Drink Your Vegetables

Name any appliance and we’ve purchased it. Seriously.

From George Foreman Grills and automatic bread bakers to make-your-own soda machines and microwave potato chip makers, we’ve tried them all.

Our most well-intentioned purchase, however, was a juice maker. Until we realized how many pounds of fruits and vegetables we needed to make a single glass of juice.

Juice that was thick, pulpy and tasted like a full day’s serving of slow, agonizing death.

No more. Don’t torture the veggies or yourself and simply order all your freshly pressed juices delivered right to your door from gay-owned Roots Juices. They’re absolutely delicious.

By using a hydraulic cold-pressed juicer, Roots is able to produce juices packed with vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. Essential nutrients can even be as much as 50 times higher than with other juicing methods.

Brent Rodgers (above) is the dreamboat behind the machines, putting a little bit of love into every pulverized carrot and obliterated apple. And if adding healthy juices to our diet makes us look even 1/8 as hot and handsome as Brent, sign us up for hourly delivery today and hook up the IV drip.

Forget milk. Juice apparently does a body better.

Waaaaaay better.

$7 – $8 per 16-ounce bottle
Free eco-friendly delivery with orders of $30 or more (certain zip codes only)