Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Way She Was

Barbra Streisand: Four syllables that embody the pure definition of gay icon.

Also, musical goddess.

Today, it’s time to go old-school in so many ways.

First, by purchasing a Barbra Streisand album in the first place. Second, because her new record Release Me is filled with 11 previously unreleased songs from her private music vault. And finally, because today the collection is available only on vinyl.

You know, in case you’re a DJ and you want to throw down some sick Broadway beats. Or because you simply like the sound of music coming from a turntable and needle.

For everyone else, the album will be available on CD October 9th.

In either of these formats (sorry, no 8-tracks or cassettes this time around), you’ll be treated to a glimpse into the singer’s repertoire from 1963 through today. Finding 11 songs from a singer who’s recorded more than 60 albums couldn’t have been easy, but our Miss Babs did it justice.

So grab a copy today and throw it on your record player. Or wait until October so you can put it on your iPod and go all jazz hands on the treadmill while jamming to her version of “Home” from The Wiz.

Just prepare for a few stares. And at least one water bottle to the back of the head.

Barbra Streisand: Release Me
$23.98 on vinyl at amazon.com
$10.99 pre-order at amazon.com
$10.99 pre-order on iTunes

Sneak Peek: Listen to “I Think It’s Going To Rain”