Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Baby, It’s Cold Inside

There are only two occasions in life when it’s acceptable to wear nothing but a gym sock on your junk.

1. Formal night at the Tin Room and…

2. Inside the new cryogenic chamber at Luxury on Lovers.

If there’s a new technology available, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this spa is going to be the first to get it. So get ready to freeze your butt off (almost literally) because this treatment is really cool.

And really cold.

The procedure is simple, too. You’ll be handed three socks and the technician will leave the room so you can strip down. Put two on your feet, and one on your tallywacker.  (Try not to be offended if they hand you an ankle sock and not a knee sock.)

Step into the cryogenic chamber. Liquid nitrogen fills the chamber with frosty air clocking in at a nut-cracking minus 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

It only takes three minutes or less, but trust us, by the two-minute mark, your teeth will chatter, your legs will shake and you’ll be anxious to get out.

The potential results are worth it, though.

Experience increased recovery time after exercise; hangover relief because it detoxifies; reduced inflammation caused by arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia, and immune disorders; reduced symptoms of fatigue and stress; increased endorphins; and increased energy and stamina.

We went in after an intense weight-training workout and didn’t experience one bit of soreness the next day like usual, and had such an energy burst afterward that we returned to the gym for a 60-minute cardio session.

For best results, they recommend two treatments per week for six weeks.

Plenty of time to have Granny knit you a custom cock cozie.

$75 per treatment ($50 if you mention Gay List Daily)
Save 10% on packages of 10; 20% on packages of 15. (Packages may be shared if you want to go in on one with a friend)
Luxury on Lovers
4703 West Lovers Lane, Dallas
(214) 352-8800