Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Drag From Hell

Prepare yourself. You’re going to really want to see this show.

It’s like a bad accident. You can’t look away. You’re morbidly curious.

And then suddenly, you’re dancing.

Meet Christeene Vale, a self-proclaimed drag terrorist who is a sexually infused sewer of live rap and vile shamelessness.

In other words, our kind of girl!

Tonight, she’s at DoubleWide, going onstage around 10ish, or whenever the hell she feels like singing hits from her album, Waste Up, Kneez Down. You know, sing-along favorites including “Tears from My Pussy,” “African Mayonnaise” and “Workin’ on Grandma.”

Just a warning, if you dare to see her, stand in the back. She’s known for throwing rotten onions into the crowd. And spitting water on those in the front row.

This isn’t your father’s drag show. This is a first-class ticket to a bizarre suburb of hell.

And maybe the best night of your life.

Tonight, 10:00 p.m.
Tickets $13.50 here
3510 Commerce Street, Dallas
(214) 887-6510