Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pit Happens

Somebody recently told us that it’s football season.

And that means lots of parties, which we can only assume are centered around delectable morsels of healthy snacks accompanied by copious amounts of Mimosas and Cosmopolitans.

But because we’ve never been invited to a football watching party, we’ll simply have to guess.

No matter what type of soiree you’re hosting, however, you’ll never again have to expose your guests to nasty, gooey, chewed-on olive pits, edamame carcasses or pistachio shells.

This snazzy Double Dish from Joseph Joseph cleverly solves a problem that has nearly ruined many a fancy fiesta.

The clever design allows you to fill the bowl with a snack of choice. Say, cherries. After eating the tasty treat, guests simply drop the stems and pits into the curved openings and the unsightly bits are swept away out of sight.

It’s a tasteful solution that would make a really thoughtful hostess gift, too.

Though we still argue that our girlfriend overreacted when we showed up to her last dinner party with a bottle of wine and a box of facial hair bleach.

Available in green, white or stone grey