Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Legends Of The Fall

The only way the new fall menu at Pyramid could taste any more like Autumn would be to throw Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin into a blender with some nutmeg and cinnamon.

The just-launched lineup of seasonal inspirations is one of the best we’ve ever tasted from award-winning Chef André Natera. While everyone else is eating deep-fried Nutter Butters and over-cooked turkey legs at the State Fair, you’ll be dining in sophistication.

There are several standouts on the new menu, including Kobacha squash soup, topped with savory Spanish chorizo, smoked olive oil and teeny-tiny crunchy croutons. This single dish tastes more like fall than anything else and we could slurp it by the gallon. (But we’re fancier than that.)

Roasted lamb is done to perfection, too, accompanied by lamb sausage and pork belly, just to keep your protein levels at an adequate high.

But to truly experience the flavors of the season, try the Fall Tasting Menu. You’ll get six courses, including burrata (fresh Italian cheese), lobster dumplings, Hamachi crudo, herb printed papardelle, beef short rib and a chocolate espresso torte.

At $95, it’s still cheaper than most trips to the State Fair.

Plus, you won’t have to mess with counting out 190 coupons per person.

Pyramid Restaurant
@ The Fairmont Dallas
1717 North Akard Street, Dallas
(214) 720-5249