Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bro’s & Babies

It’s time for your regularly scheduled NPH fix.

Sure, he’s back on How I Met Your Mother as the raging hetero Barney Stinson, but he’s also got a new book out. Well, sort of.

Written by Matt Kuhn and Neil Patrick Harris’ character, The Bro Code For Parents: What to Expect When You’re Awesome is now out and the perfect gift for any friends or family planning a family.

Or you, if you want a gayby of your very own.

Of course, Harris is already one of the hottest gay dads on the planet, so this is an appropriate venture for him, however minimally he’s truly involved.

In the often-hilarious book, topics include post-baby sex, the financial impact and how to be a good parent.

Barney also gives advice on picking a cool baby name, teaching Jr. Songs like “The Boobs on the Bus” and the soon-to-be-classic nursery rhyme, “Little Jack Horny.”

Something tells us Focus on the Family isn’t going to endorse this book.

And that makes us love it even more.

THE BRO CODE FOR PARENTS: What to Expect When You’re Awesome
$10.19 at Amazon.com