Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bad Wrap

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! A joyous holiday season!

If you’ve been shopping lately, apparently it’s already time for caroling, cocoa and candy canes. Hell, we just took our picture with Santa this morning to beat the rush.

Normally, we hate pushing the season ahead of schedule, but we’ve stumbled upon a product that makes for very merry gift giving, indeed.

It’s called Raunchy Wrapping Paper from SUCK UK. On the outside, nothing but innocuous stripes. But on the inside — hubba-hubba-hubba.

The red stripe version gets you hunky men in various states of undress, while the blue stripes reveal scantily clad women.

The sheets are only 24 x 36 inches so you won’t easily wrap up that new HDTV, but for smaller gestures, they’re perfect. Plus, the stripes make it easy to match up if you do end up needing multiple sheets.

Many websites are selling out quickly, but we’ve found one in the UK that still has plenty of stock. And they have cheap shipping to the U.S., too.

So put a smile on someone’s face this way-in-the-distance holiday season.

Because even if they hate your gift, they’re going to love the packaging.

$6.49 per sheet
$5.48 Shipping from UK (flat rate for up to 4 sheets of Raunchy Wrapping Paper)