Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Breaking News: Gays Love Vodka

In this tense political season, all the pie charts and line graphs are starting to bum us out.

So we thought it would be nice to present an infographic with statistics that are far more interesting than how to reduce the national deficit or which blue states may switch to red.

Created from the Experian Simmons Spring 2011 LGBT Survey, a gay marketing group called Target 10 has put the information into a nice visual package. And speaking of packages, the guys at this agency are hot! (Yeah, yeah, the girl, too.)

Perhaps not surprising are the facts that gay men drink more vodka than any other demographic. Lesbians, they love them some tequila. (Sadly, their fondness for beer koozies didn’t make the chart.)

Gay men are also more likely to go to a nightclub, concert or restaurant. (Though lesbians like to eat out a little more than gay men. No surprise there, either.)

We’ll let the rest of the stats speak for themselves.

And don’t worry, we’re not about to make charts and graphs a habit. We’ll leave that to the good folks over at USA Too Gay.




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