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Frenzy With Benefits

Imagine Björk without all the crazy costumes and dolphin noises.

Stripped of those distracting (but sometimes delightful) characteristics, you’re left with a soft, pure, angelic voice. One that sounds an awful lot like Alison Sudol (above).

Her vocals with A Fine Frenzy are simply sublime and narrative. So much so that the band’s atmospheric third album Pines is also the soundtrack to Sudol’s beautiful, otherworldly, incredibly cool short film, The Story of Pines.

The album draws its inspiration from the redwood forests of Northern California and Washington’s Cascade Mountains. The result is an ethereal experience, one that requires you to slow down and ponder the lyrics rather than get up and dance Gangnam style.

By the time the last song releases its final note, you’ll have been on a fantastic journey.

Or more accurately, a first-class, round-trip out-of-body experience.

A Fine Frenzy, Pines
$7.99 digital download out today on iTunes

$8.99 audio CD releases October 16 at amazon.com

North American Tour begins October 11