Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

One Sexy Italian

To open up a pizza and pasta place across the street from, well, another pizza and pasta place takes balls.

Meatballs, that is. And plenty of ’em.

Just opened, Italia Express has taken over the old Macho Nacho spot and they’re serving up everything Italian, from pizza and rustic pastas to delectable pastries and espresso in a sleekly designed setting for a fast-casual establishment.

There’s pizza by the slice, perfect for that 3:30 a.m. post-nightclub carb load (they’re open until 4:00 a.m. on weekends). Or grab a whole pie for the gang.

The service is fast and the food is hot and flavorful. But it’s the incredibly friendly staff that’s going to make this place a huge success. They’re genuinely glad to have you as their guest (and full disclosure, they didn’t know we were there reviewing them, either).

As delicious and plentiful as our meatball sandwich was, though, it was dessert that knocked us out of our chair. They make two fresh gelatos daily. On our visit, they made a sundae of sorts with salted caramel and mascarpone cream gelatos, piled on top of fresh espresso.

That’s a treat for two in the morning, though. Because that espresso will keep you going all night long.

And who doesn’t love a hyper gay in the middle of the night?

Italia Express
4000 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas
(214) 521-3300
No web site (yet)