Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Magic Mika

We first fell head over stilettos with Mika when he released Life in Cartoon Motion. Then after his multi-million selling smash second album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, we started picking out china patterns.

His voice, his look and his moves were all super-dreamy and we became obsessed, traveling to Los Angeles to catch one of his few U.S. live shows, hoping he’d pull us onstage for a song. (And maybe a little penetration.)

Today, The Origin of Love debuts and we’re infatuated all over again. Especially after the official confirmation of his gayness this past August. That means that in some small way, we actually have a chance of hooking up. (It’s more likely than winning Monopoly at McDonald’s, so stop laughing!)

The album represents two years of hard work with a little help from collaborators that include William Orbit, Benny Benassi, Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Adele) and Pharrell Williams.

We love every song. (Shocker) And his cover version of Wicked’s “Popular” is simply adorable, too.

Listen to a sampling of every track here. That’s all it’ll take to make you want the entire album all to yourself.

But keep your paws off Mika himself. He’s taken.

The Origin of Love, Mika
$9.99 CD at amazon.com
$11.99 Digital download from iTunes
$15.99 Deluxe edition download from iTunes