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Better Off Red

While everybody’s been busy fawning over the new iPhone 5 (ourselves included), Apple rather quietly released two new iPod products with plenty of headline-worthy features.

First, the new iPod touch is lighter and thinner than ever but still boasts a larger 4-inch Retina display and a new iSight camera with panoramic capability and 1080p HD video. The FaceTime camera has also been enhanced so that video chat is sharper and faster than ever.

Meanwhile, the retooled iPod nano is the thinnest ever and overall about the size of a credit card. Yet it features a 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display that’s almost twice as big as the last version.

Both come standard with their new ear-friendly EarPods. And, thankfully, they both still play music.

Best of all, these two new models area available in special edition (PRODUCT) RED versions. Every time you purchase one of these red-colored products (including an iPad case, iPod shuffle and iPhone bumper), Apple gives a portion of the purchase price to the

Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa.

To date, that organization has raised more than $190 million (more than $50 million of that from Apple alone).

So that must-have gadget is now a tool in making the world a better place.

As long as you don’t load it with a bunch of Celine Dion songs.

Apple (PRODUCT) RED Merchandise