Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Spin, Kitty Kitty

There’s no denying it. Dogs are cooler than cats.

But now, there just might be a little competition.

At least if all you kitty lovers out there order this Cat DJ Scratching Deck from Suck UK, makers of that fine nekkid-man giftwrap we featured a couple weeks ago.

This awesome device should mesmerize even the most boring of feline space-fillers.

Featuring a turntable (that really spins!) made of scratch-friendly material, the Cat DJ Scratching Deck could turn out to be the life of your next party.

Just make sure to have your iPod handy because cool as your cat may be, we doubt if this thing will produce any music whatsoever.

But as far as pussycat tricks go, this one ranks right up there with pretending not to be evil.

$26.99 at amazon.com