Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Become A Model Citizen

Gay Fashion Lesson #1: Short sleeve shirts should not go all the way down to your elbows. That’s what straight papaws wear.

Gay Fashion Lesson #2: You can’t buy cashmere at Old Navy. Step away from the $24 price tag and run for your life.

Gay Fashion Lesson #3: If the back of your pants is so saggy it looks like you dropped a load, you’re not going to leave the Round Up with any phone numbers.

We’ve all probably been guilty of violating one of the above rules, but we’re adults now. And we’re gay. With that comes a societal expectation that we’re going to always look our best, whether it’s in jeans and a t-shirt or a top hat and tails.

Thankfully, Dallas is home to a fantastic clothing store where everything is made to order.

It’s called J. Hilburn. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Perhaps you thought you couldn’t afford custom-made clothing.

You’d be wrong. Button-down shirts and pants start at just $99. Cashmere sweaters, $165. Polos, $69.

By getting clothes made to your personal preferences, sense of style and precise measurements, you’re going to love the way you feel. Like a supermodel. Hot enough to point to prizes on The Price Is Right.

The process is simple. The fabulous Phyllis Walker (the go-to person for the GLBT market) shows up to your home, office or favorite bar with her fabric swatches, trusty measuring tape and the perfect amount of sass.

Or visit their fully stocked showroom to see every fabric option and clothing piece in person.

A few weeks later, you’ll be the star among your friends.

And every square inch of earth becomes your own personal catwalk.

J. Hilburn
2727 West Mockingbird Lane, Suite 103, Dallas
(214) 542-5930