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Storage For Your Treasures

My, what a fancy box you have.

That’s because you’ve been shopping at Anteks.

Part of a full line of Southwestern style silver accessories, these handmade boxes are just waiting to hold your most prized possessions. (We were able to fit 23 Magnum condoms in ours, with just enough room left over for two breath mints and a Handi-wipe.)

Made from solid German silver, each piece is carefully crafted exclusively for Anteks by a family of skilled artisans. Natural stones (onyx, turquoise or coral) provide a stunning accent whether they’re on boxes (above), candlesticks, wine coasters or picture frames.

We know you probably aren’t going to go full-out southwestern in your decor (unless you have a swanky log cabin in Colorado), but an accent piece here and there makes for a stylish addition to any room. And, what a great conversation starter.

Especially when you tell your friends you acquired them on a shopping spree after an extended out-of-body experience in a Navajo sweat lodge.

That story’s gotten us laid at least twice.

Anteks Southwestern Style Silver Accessories
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