Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Push Your Buttons

It’s a documented fact: Gays love bubble butts.

So just add two more letters and increase your affection toward the Apple mobile devices in your life, too, with a snazzy new Bubble Button.

These clever little stickers allow you to customize your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad all with stickers about the size of Enrique Iglesias’ former facial mole.

Available in 10 different thematic packs, foodies can opt for doughnuts, hamburgers and fried eggs. Sports enthusiasts get a nice set of balls. And animal lovers can adorn their devices with several cuddly creatures.

There’s even a monster pack just in time for Halloween. And a limited edition holiday set will launch any day now.

Best of all, unlike cases and other accessories for your Apple devices, these won’t cost you a small fortune.

In fact, you can get an entire six-pack for about the cost of a single beer at a club.

We’ll drink to that!

(OK, OK. We’ll drink to anything. But you get the point.)

Bubble Buttons
$4.99 plus free shipping