Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Meet Your Designated Driver

We joke about a lot of things at Gay List Daily, but not drinking and driving.

When combined, those two activities lead to all sorts of after school special-esque events loaded with drama, heartache and jail time. (And not the sexy kind of incarceration where all the inmates are ripped muscle studs sitting around naked giving each other mani-pedis while drinking Cosmos made from fermented potatoes and grape jelly packets.)

Meet Uber. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Or simply been jealous when you’ve seen some group of queens pile into a town car leaving the Windmill Lounge.

Chances are, one of those big drunks had Uber on his smartphone and simply clicked a button to summon a luxury car and driver. The app told him a car was six minutes away and texted him when his ride was waiting outside.

It’s really that simple.

Your credit card information is stored in the app, so no money ever changes hands. Tip is already included. And if you have friends with you, the fare can actually come out cheaper than some cab rides with all those stupid passenger add-on fees.

So next time you drink, summon Uber. Even if you have to leave your car and pay a parking ticket or towing fee, it’s far cheaper than a DWI and a night in the slammer. (And even cheaper if you use the Gay List Daily code at the end of this story).

And, while we’re getting all Nancy Reagan on the crowd, say no to drugs, too.

Except maybe the occasional Xanax sneaked out of a friend’s medicine cabinet.

Uber App
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Special Gay List Discount!
All new clients get an automatic 30% discount off their first ride by using the code “UberGLD” by November 15, 2012. (Perfect timing for our anniversary party tomorrow, Halloween or Black Tie Dinner!)