Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tumble For Ya

In the master list of social faux pas, spilling your cocktail is just below sneezing on your hostess.

Or sleeping with her husband.

Thankfully, there’s a pool season-inspired solution that works year round to keep your wine where it should be – in the glass.

Introducing the Vino2Go wine sippy cup. Billed as an active wine lover’s dream come true, we can’t help but picture people running with Riesling, mountain-climbing with Merlot or doing Pilates with Pinot.

If we’re lucky, drinking at the gym might just become the hot new craze. Between sips, you could put pieces of cheese on your weight bar and snack as you do bicep curls.

But until we’re allowed to drink on the treadmill, our Vino2Go sippy cups have a full schedule thanks to all the fall picnics, outdoor concerts and hot tub parties we have on our calendar.

Because Social Faux Pas #4 is spilling your juice in somebody else’s Jacuzzi.

Vino2Go Sippy Cups, $15.99
10 ounce capacity
Available in Merlot Red, Verde Green, Clear Ice, Party Pink & Business Black