Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Love & Eight

Today’s Gay List Daily is brought to you by the Number Eight. Or Ocho, to be more precise.

When we first heard about the newest Tex-Mex restaurant to open in Dallas, we yawned a bit. But while our mouths were wide open, somebody slipped in a tostada topped with white shrimp ceviche and we were suddenly intrigued.

But our love affair doesn’t stop there. Herein, we proudly present eight reasons to love Ocho Kitchen + Cocktails.

1. It’s not really Tex-Mex. Filled with Santa Fe influences, the menu features unique twists at every turn.

2. Chef Eric DiStefano. The brilliant master of Santa Fe cooking brings the style and sophistication of his famed Coyote Cafe in New Mexico to the heart of Texas.

3. The lobster hot cakes. Though not (yet) an official menu item, they’ll probably make them for you if you ask. Possibly the best thing we’ve eaten in weeks.

4. Enchiladas in skillets! Everybody’s favorite cheese-and-tortilla meal arrives in a piping hot cast iron skillet. Great presentation, delicious enchiladas.

5. Eric’s New Mexican meatloaf. Veal, pork and beef blended with green chiles, baked and set atop cheddar mashed potatoes. Add chorizo gravy and prepare to swoon.

6. Tres leches cake. If you’ve got room after eating dinner, and that’s a big IF, the super-moist tres leches cake is among the best in town.

7. 46 tequilas and 5 mescals. From simple margaritas to elegant sippers, they’ve got all the best tequilas without going overboard in choices.

8. 8Bar upstairs. Great space. No kids. Late service. Perfect.

Ocho Kitchen + Cocktails
8411 Preston Road, Dallas
(214) 217-0888