Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Underwear of the Month: Chic Cheeks

We spend a lot of time with our pants off.

Just ignore the fact that it’s usually at 3:00 a.m. running through the grocery store with a shopping cart full of pineapples, enemas and frozen fish sticks. We’d blame Ambien, but we haven’t taken that in years.

Yet no matter where we find ourselves sans britches, we always make sure to have the very best underwear available. And this month, we’re thrilled to have been turned on to (and by) Candid.

This underwear is so stylish and show-stopping, our personal clothier is already constructing a custom pair of see-through Capri pants. (Nothing gay about that.)

That’s because the plaid, chromatic and houndstooth options deserve 24/7 visibility.

Available in low-rise briefs and trunks, each category serves up scads of color options, allowing you the ability to coordinate your entire outfit to better highlight the big reveal when that special someone rips those skinny jeans right off your body.

Just don’t let him stare too long into the houndstooth pattern. It’s been known to hypnotize.

And we’re pretty sure you want him fully awake.

$17 – $19