Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Free Diamonds (& One Marina)

It’s official. Every music video from here on out should be set in a group shower with a bunch of hot men.

That’s one of the many reasons we love Marina and the Diamonds and her willingness to sexualize the male body.

Plus, she’s captured a unique pop sound like lightning in a bottle and it’s something to behold, whether it’s listening to her current album, Primadonna, or her first CD, The Family Jewels.

But nothing compares to witnessing this diva-in-training live and in person. (Preferably with shower boys in tow.)

Thankfully, you’re a Gay List Daily subscriber because the good folks over at the Granada Theater have given us a pair of tickets to her sure-to-be-sold-out show on Wednesday, December 19.

All you have to do is profess your love for us in the contest entry form below.

And showing us your family jewels won’t hurt your chances, either.

Marina and the Diamonds in Concert
Wednesday, December 19
Tickets: $24 – $45

Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Avenue, Dallas
(214) 824-9933