Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rainy Days & Omelets

It’s time once again for another season of Bravo’s Top Chef, possibly the only show on the network without one single stretched-tight Housewife.

Thank God.

But for the tenth season of the reality competition, set in Seattle, things are seriously heating up. And that’s not just a bad food-related pun.

Four master chefs are now part of the proceedings, including the original Daddy Bear, Tom Colicchio, joined by the sexiest guy ever to rock a uni-brow, Hugh Acheson, as well as Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse. Gail Simmons and our favorite hostess, Padma Lakshmi, also return to seductively stick juicy things in their mouths.

The first episode is one of those annoying whittle-downs from a large group to the official cast, but it’s tense nonetheless. The hopefuls are split into four teams and sent to a restaurant owned by one of the four chef judges.

Colicchio’s group must work the line at Craft, making dishes to his specifications. Puck’s team has to make the perfect omelet. Lagasse’s chefs create a soup. And Acheson requests an innovative salad (to help keep his svelte figure, of course).

What we’re left with is a season that could go down in the record books thanks to a potential villain extraordinaire, John Tesar, notorious for being named the “Most Hated Chef in Dallas” on the cover of a local magazine.

There’s also the promise of an earth-shattering twist.

Two sexy super-chefs, one particularly evil contestant and hour upon hour of mouth-watering food porn?

Our appetite isn’t the only thing getting whet.

Top Chef Season 10
Premieres tonight on Bravo
10:00 p.m./9:00 p.m. Central