Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Legitimate Grape

Break out the heavy-duty Spanx, elastic-waist pants and festive holiday vests – anything to hide your about-to-expand gut, because holiday eating and drinking season is about to kick off in full force.

So we’ve found three versatile, go-to wines for dinner parties, hostess gifts or general beneath-the-Christmas-tree drunken shenanigans. Each is distinct, delicious, and extremely food friendly. Most of all, they’re affordable enough for everyday enjoyment, but nice enough to serve with pride.

Unlike our grandmother’s Depression-era Hot Buttered “Rum,” which is just a cup of hot water and a melted Werther’s Original.

William Hill Estate 2010 Napa Valley Chardonnay, $25
Neither too sweet nor too dry, this is one of the most perfectly balanced Chardonnays we’ve tasted. Lightly oaky and full of delicately layered flavors, it’s a perfect stand-around-and-chat wine for any type of party. Or late-night bubble bath.

[divider]Don Miguel Gascón 2010 Argentina Malbec , $15
If you’re a red wine lover and you can’t let go of your favorite Cabernet or Pinot Noir, there’s something extra special about a good Malbec. And this one is right at the top of our list thanks to plenty of dark fruit flavors that play nicely with the velvety tannins. Goes great with grilled reindeer.

[divider]La Marca DOC NV Prosecco, $17
There’s always something to celebrate during this season, whether it’s a new boyfriend or ringing in the New Year. Forget the expense of Champagne and opt for the Italian version instead. Fresh, clean and crisp with hints of citrus, this is one sparkling wine you’ll have to remind yourself to share.