Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Delicious Artwork

When it comes to eating masterpieces, some are better than others. Trust us from experience.

The Mona Lisa is chewy, which doesn’t make us smile.

Dogs Playing Poker invokes flashbacks to one really bad meal in Seoul.

And with a name like Munch, you’d think The Scream would be tastier than it is. But all that orange paint gives us indigestion.

Thankfully, there are plenty of masterpieces well worth savoring. And they’re all at Matt McCallister’s new FT33, where food is so artistically presented he should get a tax write-off for running a museum.

Here, it’s not unusual for an entire entree to be served on the rim of the plate with the interior portion completely vacant save for a frothy bit of flavored foam or a morsel of sea salt and spices.

Thankfully, this isn’t just frilly presentation for the sake of being avant-garde. Everything has a purpose and it’s all about eating with your eyes before savoring the flavors of each and every ingredient.

For all its complex presentations, though, the menu is very simple. There are a handful of choices for the beginning, middle and end of your meal, not a never-ending list.

But you’ll want to experience as many dishes as possible because McCallister tends to outdo himself with each successive creation and the typically mundane experience of food service becomes a non-stop parade of crazy invention.

Best of all, everything tastes fantastic. Like eating a filet of Michelangelo.

1617 Hi Line Drive, Dallas
(214) 741-2629