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Terriers & Tiaras

It only takes about five minutes in an Uptown bar to realize that Dallas has more than its fair share of bitches. And dogs.

But our fair city also has a disproportionate number of adorable canines, and yours just might be the most precious of them all.

Fame, fortune and bragging rights at the dog park are all up for grabs over at D Magazine where they’re hosting Survival of the Cutest, a search for the most adorable thing on all fours this side of a post-election Karl Rove.

All it takes is a few minutes to fill out the application, attach a couple photos and write a brief description of what makes your pooch so darn special.  You can even include a link to videos of your furry BFF doing all sorts of awwww-inspiring tricks.

The submission stage ends on Friday, but the real battle begins in January when voting goes public.

So enter today and prove to the world once and for all that beneath the designer gowns, false eyelashes and Alexander McQueen high-heel paw covers, your doggie deserves to win.

Beauty, after all, is only fur deep.

D Magazine’s Survival of the Cutest
Submissions accepted through November 16



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